The Written Report

Your evaluation will include the production of a detailed report, which will usually be mailed to you or given to you at the feedback session. This document serves many purposes:

  • creates a record of the services that Dr. Imber has provided
  • reviews the history and context for the evaluation
  • documents the results of the testing
  • explains the meaning of the test results, compared to the general population as well as for the individual patient
  • helps to communicate the test findings to a variety of audiences, including therapists, physicians, and other health professionals; educators; patients; and families
  • offers a written account of the recommendations, for later reference

This document is produced after the evaluation, and often requires at least as long as the actual face-to-face testing time for Dr. Imber to complete.  Because it serves many purposes, it can be very long and technical in places.  It is important for you to meet with Dr. Imber after the report is finished so that she can help you to understand the findings and their importance for your day-to-day life.

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