Neuropsychological Assessment

The purpose of neuropsychological assessment is to understand the relationship between a person’s brain functioning and his or her behavior by using scientific methods.  During an assessment, the neuropsychologist uses standardized test measures to evaluate a person’s attention, memory, language, problem-solving, visual-spatial, and other cognitive skills, as well as his or her mood, emotional state, and other psychiatric factors. The results reveal a pattern of strengths and weaknesses that, together with background information about the person, can help the neuropsychologist to make a clinical diagnosis, track changes in brain functioning, suggest possible methods for rehabilitation, and make recommendations for improving daily functioning at school, work, and/or home. Many people find the testing to be interesting; it involves different types of activities, such as assembling puzzles, solving logic problems, expressing verbal knowledge, and performing computerized tasks.

For more information, see also What is a Neuropsychologist? and What is a neuropsychological assessment? in the FAQ section of the site.

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