If you are a health care provider and/or psychotherapist looking to make a referral, please ask the patient and/or family to contact our office at 617-487-8910. Please note that this practice accepts Medicare and many Medigap payment plans, but does not accept private insurance. Self-pay is also available; please see the Payment and Insurance page for more information. The following steps will facilitate the referral, and enable Dr. Imber to be sure she is answering your referral question.

  • If you are the referring physician, please complete this one-page medical-necessity form and fax it to Dr. Imber at 1-888-974-0260.  This form documents the medical necessity for the evaluation and helps us to understand the reasons why you are requesting an assessment for this patient.
  • You can download my two-way release-of-information form here; if convenient, you can ask your patient or the patient’s parent/guardian to complete the form, and fax it to me (1-888-974-0260).
  • If your patient is hoping to use private insurance for this evaluation, you may need to complete referral or preauthorization paperwork for their insurance carrier explaining why the testing is necessary.  Dr. Imber would be happy to help with this process; please call the office with any questions.
  • Please also forward any pertinent records (neuroimaging results, office notes), either by secure fax (1-888-974-0260) or by postal mail (P.O. Box 1927, Brookline, MA 02446).
  • Please feel free to contact this office (617-487-8910) with any questions.

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